A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game made as a student project at the University of Central Florida by a team of 3 first time developers.

The goal is to reduce your opponent's health to 0 by using actions that you earn making matches in a puzzle game.

Red - Attack (1 DMG)

Blue - Defend (Blocks 1 DMG)

YellowGreen - Special Attack (2 DMG)

Pink - Healing (2 DMG)

Purple - Extra Turn

Green - Heal (1 DMG, doesn't take a turn)


WASD - Move Cursor

U I O J K L - Flip blocks, use Actions, use menus

1, 2, or Escape - Pause

3 - Force Quit


PPPBuild.zip 28 MB
PPPapp.zip 30 MB

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